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Is the Midwest Making Lemonade?

There is an interesting article at the Women on Business website that was posted yesterday. The piece “Forbes List of 20 Most Miserable Cities: The Midwest is Highly Represented, But…” describes some statistics that point out how many cities in the Forbes list of “20 Most Miserable” are in the Midwest—about 60%. This sounds like a harsh number, but is there a bright side?

Women on Business says yes.

“Amongst Forbes’s list of the best 15 cities for female entrepreneurs , 27% are located in the Midwest.”

The cities in the Midwest have taken a big hit and saw some of the biggest falls, but the industries and businesses coming up to replace former giants are small businesses, women-owned, and other startups and innovative new companies. I think this is great news.

Some of the most interesting success stories coming out now after the hard few years we’ve had recently are from cities and companies that have been able to adapt to their smaller size, their new industries, and other kinds of change. That’s why Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women is going strong, bigger than ever, and ready to help local individuals start, grow, or maintain their businesses. We’re proud to be a part of the Midwest’s comeback.

Read more from Women on Business here.

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